Charasteristics of our approach:

• unique and faster assembly of arbitrary shaped and defect-free atom arrays

• increased scalability (from thousands to tens of  thousands of qubits)

• simpler and more compact setup and thus better stability of qubits (longer coherence times, higher connectivity and gate fidelity)

• continuous and pipelined extension of an existing array with new atoms or atom chains

• pipelined construction of multispecies arrays

AtomQL platform is additionally especially useful:

• in alternative quantum system architectures such as dynamically reconfigurable arrays of entangled neutral atoms,

• for quantum computing arrays made of two types of atom or cold molecules, or even hybrid array of optically trapped molecules (AB) and atoms (A or B).

Our alternative approach to problems of scalability will combine the advantages of different existing techniques and our novel approach in one apparatus, and will pave the way for precisely controlled atom sources necessary for further advancement in the fields of quantum metrology, quantum simulation and computation, quantum sensing and cold hybrid ion-atom systems.